Information about the University of California Berkeley Regents and Chancellors' scholarship. <>
Each year, the top approximately 2% of applicants are invited to be interviewed for the UC Berkeley Regents and Chancellors' Scholarship
  • If you were invited for an interview, you have been accepted into UC Berkeley. Congratulations!
  • The interview is friendly and not particularly difficult, and it seems most semifinalists who present themselves decently well receive the scholarship. Your interviewer may or may not be related to your major/field of interest, so be prepared for both. See Interviews section.

Getting the Regents scholarship comes with two main advantages in addition to a few other perks.
  1. You will get a monetary scholarship that will depending on your financial need. For some, this is just a couple of thousand, but from what I have heard, a few friends have gotten a very substantial part of their tuition waived.
  2. You will have priority enrollment in all of your courses. This may not sound like a big deal, but at Berkeley desirable classes and class times fill up very quickly. Courses are selected in phases well before the semester begins. If you are a regents scholar, the times for your phases are significantly earlier than everyone else in the university - even earlier than some seniors barring athletes. This will make course selection much less stressful and let you build that perfect schedule that you want.